PREMIERE: Distorted Noise Talks Depression And Anxiety On Latest Urban Track “Falling Away”

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Today, London-based artist Distorted Noise is premiering his latest song exclusively on Nuevo Culture. “Falling Away,” is an experimental track in which he talks about his personal experiences going through depression, phases of anxiety, and his life-changing battle with his inner demons. The song opens up with a magnificent piano soundscape that sets the perfect tone for Distorted Noise’s foley-esque sound effect experiments. 

Growing up, Distorted Noise was an avid listener to artists like Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, and Marilyn Manson, and today, he gets inspired by artists such as Billie Eilish, XXXTentacion, and Tyler The Creator, and uses both his past and present influences to create his very own signature sound. 

“Falling Away” also marks his departure away from hard rock and arrival to Hip-Hop, but he still managed to preserve fragments of his alternative rock influences. Soft spoken, low, and raspy vocals, bring a dark yet subtle vibe, sustained with a striking coherence from start to finish by the extremely talented singer-songwriter. 

It takes a lot of courage for an artist to unveil his most private thoughts and difficult experiences to the public in the way Distorted Noise has done it for “Falling Away,” but all will agree that he masters like no one the dark and introspective lyrical themes that are brilliantly showcased in the song.