Police Sketch Bears Strange Resemblance To T.I., According To Twitter


Twitter users found a police sketch released yesterday looked an awful lot like T.I.

Yesterday, Fox 5 Atlanta reported on an attempted abduction in Atlanta, sharing a police sketch of the man in question. The picture drew a fair amount of attention on Twitter, unfortunately not to bring awareness to a dangerous threat in the neighborhood, but instead the drawing’s strange resemblance to rapper T.I.

The image was passed around on social media, with users commenting on the coincidental look-a-like. While it’s not really a subject to joke about, it’s easy to see the comparison. Just to be clear, it goes without saying that T.I. didn’t actually have anything to do with the incident.

Take a look at the tweets from users below. Do you see any resemblance between the sketch and the ATL rapper?

Meanwhile, T.I. is said to be working on his 10th studio album, which — last we heard — is set to be titled, The Dime Trap.

@eleven8: Police in Atlanta released this sketch of a suspected kidnapper pic.twitter.com/JW4jVqbcvh” that’s T.I.

— bryson. (@partynextcrwn) August 30, 2015

Fox Atlanta even”@SizweDhlomo: LOL! Word to mother! RT @toysosha: Dogg @SizweDhlomo ain’t this that nigga T.I? pic.twitter.com/Cbybqy1JBE

— #Luister (@The_Real_SPITTA) August 30, 2015

Looks like someone described their favorite rapper…not the kidnapper. #T.I. ? @JCPSPORTShttps://t.co/LQRE9zvs4W

— TinyNfierce88 (@TinyNfierce88) August 30, 2015

This man is a suspect in an abduction case in the Atlanta area…look like T.I. to me pic.twitter.com/7UIZMHSJF0

— ¥₩%×÷_/ (@QuitSnitchin_) August 30, 2015

T.I.? Or nah? It’s Atlanta too??? https://t.co/PAnArTgMS2

— IG: PrettyBoyTalent (@ItsTalentMajor) August 30, 2015


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