Piero Umiliani and Piero Piccioni's Legendary RCA SP Series Releases Unearthed by Sonor

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Once again, Sonor Music Editions is set to shine a light on Italy’s rich — though often lost — musical history. This time, it will come a pair of releases celebrating the early works on soundtrack legends Piero Umiliani and Piero Piccioni.

While recent years have seen various reissues celebrate both late maestros, Sonor will be showing off ultra-rare selections from both artists’ early years, digging deep into the impossible-to-find RCA SP series for Al Cinema Con Piero Umiliani and Al Cinema Con Piero Piccioni.

The original SP releases from Umiliani and Piccioni both first came out in 1968 and only as extremely limited promo-only copies RCA Italiana. Both releases collected various jazz-geared film works for early ’60s films that have rarely been heard by collectors.

For Piccioni, this includes works for such films as Il Terrorista, Le Mani Sulla Città and Nude, Calde E Pure, with the single-LP Sonor reissue cherrypicking selections from both volumes of his RCA SP series releases. The Umiliani release, meanwhile, features pieces for films like Il Comandante, Extraconiugale and Tutto Il Bello Dell’uomo.

Both reissues have been remastered from the original RCA master tapes and feature newly updated artwork on heavy cardboard sleeves mimicking the original pressings. They have also been pressed on 180-gram vinyl and are both limited to 300 copies.

Al Cinema Con Piero Piccioni and Al Cinema Con Piero Umiliani arrive on April 30, and you can pre-order the Piccioni release here and the Umiliani release here. Down below, you can hear selections from both releases in the SoundCloud players found under the tracklists.

Besides the Umiliani and Piccioni releases, Sonor is also reissuing the mega-rare library effort Mirage by Enzo Scoppa & Cicci Santucci. It’s also out on April 30, and you can hear the entire album at the bottom of the page.

These releases come in the wake of Sonor’s triptych of underwater Italian library releases, including Bruno Zambrini’s stellar Racconti Di Mare.

Al Cinema Con Piero Umiliani:

A1. Titoli Dal Film “Il Comandante”
Variazione Sul Tema Dei Titoli Dal Film “Il Comandante”
A2. a) Comandante In I
A2. b) Comandante In II
A2. c) Comandante In III
A2. d) Comandante In IV
A2. e) Comandante In V
A2. f) Comandante In VI
A2. g) Comandante In VII
A3. Dubbio E Sospetto
A4. Sequenza Finale
B1. La Moglie Svedese
B2. Marito Siciliano
B3. Passione Siciliana
B4. L’Addio
B5. A Bocca Chiusa
B6. Tenerezza
B7. La Debuttante
B8. Vagabondi
B9. Celestina

Al Cinema Con Piero Piccioni:

A1. Dukes In Dixie
A2. Tema Notturno
A3. Waltz Of You
A4. Flash-back Promenade
A5. Fast West End
A6. Latino
B1. Night Prowl
B2. Jazz Lover
B3. Port Royal Blues
B4. Polvere,fumo
B5. Gorgon Blues
B6. Eagle