Ozuna Among Other Artists Jumps on The NFT Bandwagon

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Yes, you read the title correctly. Ozuna has also joined the non-fungible future with a collection of his logo and digital Tic Tacs.

Ozuna has collaborated with ArtGrails.com on dropping monopoly themed collection that features Ozuna’s purple teddy bear. The series is titled “Uncle Richie Ozuna.”

According to the Rolling Stones Magazine, the collections will come in three forms: one the open-ended version, which will be on for as little as 10 minutes. The second is the gold edition that will have 250 tokens set for $1,500, while the last category is the “grail” that includes 25 tokens only and will be priced at $8,500. Additionally, there will be some lucky ones who will randomly be selected to receive physical prints of the art.  

It is evident that the singer who joined Selena Gomez and Cardi B for “Taki Taki” has been boiling some cool NFT collections for his fans.

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