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Oscar Isaac fulfils a soft boy fantasy, and more fashion news you missed

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Vivienne Westwood is sending love letters to the earth, while Telfar reminds us that ‘a hoe never gets cold’

It’s been over a month since Extraordinarily Hot Daddy™ Oscar Isaac took a deep whiff of Scenes from a Marriage co-star Jessica Chastain’s armpit on the red carpet, thus reducing a sizeable chunk of the global population to globs of primordial goo in the process. And now, the Guatemalan actor best known for spicing up the screen in Star Wars, Ex Machina, and Dune is back at it again. 

Doing the rounds on social media right now are a bunch of BTS photos captured by Scenes from a Marriage costume designer, Miyako Bellizzi. Compiled in a pleasing binder that, tbh, I’d quite like to get my hands on – for research purposes, obvs – Isaac is seen in a succession of tactile sweaters, soft cotton shirts, slouchy trousers, and New Balance sneakers, salt and pepper hair ruffled as he stares pensively into the middle distance through wire-rimmed glasses. The whole vibe is very hot divorcé mooching about the Tate Modern on a Saturday afternoon, likely thumbing books on mid-century Italian furniture or feminist art in the gift store, and definitely ordering a cortado in the (non-problematique) cafe. Predictably, Twitter lost the plot. 

Elsewhere this week, there were two posthumous contributions to the fashion world, though they’ve been received somewhat differently – Margaret Thatcher became a lingerie influencer and Syliva Plaith’s beloved kilt went on sale for £12,500. The industry’s collaborative mill took another heaving turn, with Supreme shelling Duraflame firelogs and the launch of Skendi. Otherise, Balenciaga found its way into Björk’s solar system, while it was announced that Jean Paul Gaultier would be unlocking his archives to the public, and that Jacquemus was reportedly branching out into beauty.

Check out the gallery below for the rest of the week’s news.