Omer Kringel Releases Brand New Project OKAN

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Omer Kringel just released his brand new project OKAN, a collection fully inspired by Afro-Latin pop, blended with an oriental fusion of sounds from the Middle East and Africa. 

The ambitious album took 5 years of Kringel’s life, who gathered over 5 weeks of recordings, and the outcome sounds fresh including the unique concept, nicely polished and executed. OKAN is simply a bunch of epic tracks, that channel Omer Kringel’s sonic philosophy, and his soulful style. The booming beats wash over listeners and leave them hooked with meaningful lyrics. The album gives an idea of how much fun the artist had while recording it while he strikes a balance between the breezy consciousness of R&B and the lifeful Latina vibe. 

A highlight of the album is undoubtedly “Sembrar Amor,” which is a great example of what Omer Kringel is capable of doing, while letting his mind wander and create a great track full of jazzy and funky vibes.