Olivia Rodrigo Just Wore A Bustier As A Shirt And She Looks Like A Gothic Princess

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Turning out continuous ~edgy girl~ ensembles, Olivia has perfected the effortlessly cool, punk-rock aesthetic that I’ve been working towards my entire life (ask my mom, she hates it). Hoping to replicate like 1/10th of her coolness, I’ve spent literal months studying her style and I’ve narrowed it down to a fairly simple equation.

Utilizing a mix of graphic prints, black lace, silver chains, and platform Dr. Martens, Olivia has crafted a wardrobe that perfectly represents the goth princess aesthetic that’s all over your FYP. Basically, just mix any of the above details and you’ll be able to replicate her energy—well, as much as anyone who’s not Olivia Rodrigo is capable of.

Plz take her latest fit as an example. The “deja vu” singer styled a pair of printed jeans (an Olivia signature) with a lace bustier, a chain link choker, a cherry red shoulder bag, and a knit beret.

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The vibes were truly impeccable and if you see me posting the exact same outfit on Instagram next week… no you didn’t.

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