NYC Singer Sophie Fay Releases Fresh Project ‘Handle With Care’ EP

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NYC-based singer and songwriter Sophie Fay released a fresh project titled Handle With Care. The ep is a house for 7 tracks that represent Sophie Fay’s signature sound that was exposed on her previous releases such as “Reborn,” “Glitter Heart,” and “Damaged.” On her new work, in order to spice up the overall sound, Sophie invited talented musicians to collaborate on her songs; Viko Marley on “Euphoria,” and JODI on the track named “Cloudyonmars.”

As the press release notes, Unique to most catalogues, Handle With Care’s tracklist is filled with dreamy soundscapes and sultry grooves, creating the perfect sonic structure for Sophie to layer her ethereal, perfectly mastered, and soul stirring vocals. While most people communicate verbally, Sophie speaks music and sound, and her introverted nature has led her to choose the path of art as her only way of expression. 

Handle With Care is an extremely creative and polished album on which Sophie Fay, in a tasteful way, blended her music inspiration and influences. The collection is a well-paced, balanced and mature composition wrapped with Sophie’s outstanding vocal performance.  

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