Noire Velours Empowers Women Like No Other On New Music Video “Full Of Myself”

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Christelle Houefa Anoumou, better known as Noire Velours, released her latest music video for her song “Full Of Myself”. The gorgeous visuals portray her as a leader of a neighborhood gang, proving she is a fearless soul who doesn’t live her life according to people’s opinion. 

The lyrics are also bursting with confidence, as she repeats that others should follow her ways, and that they won’t find a better way than hers. 

The Togolese artist has been extremely successful in her national music scene, participating in many prestigious events and giving countless memorable performances. Coming from a family where most of her uncles were musicians and singers, she was very early in age in touch with the artistic world, and is today ready to share her vivid talent at the international level.