Nike And Kobe Bryant Officially Debut The Nike Kobe 11


Kobe Bryant’s retirement tour came to a halt today as he and Nike officially unveiled the last signature shoe he’ll be hooping in- the Nike Kobe XI. That’s the Kobe 11 for those of you who haven’t mastered Roman numerals yet.

The Kobe 11 is built on a progressive low-top design, featuring everything you’ve come to love in Nike Kobe signatures: high performance, lightweight, and a responsive, innovative design.

The first coloway of the Kobe 11, the ‘Achilles Heel’ will officially launch on January 9th for $200, and you can listen to the story behind the Kobe 11, courtesy of Kobe himself, starting at 5:00pm EST via Periscope.

Per Nike:

At first glance, the low-top and simplified silhouette appears familiar. One could be fooled into believing that they’ve seen this before. Wrong. Look closer. See those pearlescent fibers? Those are thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) threads, an indication of progression; and, despite their subtlety, an announcement of the arrival of an evolution, a stronger iteration of Nike Flyknit. 


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