Nick Cannon Thinks “Michael Jackson + 2Pac = Chris Brown”


Nick Cannon Thinks “Michael Jackson + 2Pac = Chris Brown”

Let’s start this by stating the obvious: you should never expect a lot from a man who thought that both Wild N’ Out and this hairstyle were good ideas. That being said, Nick Cannon’s Instagram post today is still one of the biggest WTF moments in recent memory.

This afternoon, Cannon posted a picture that said “The Legendary Equation,” in which he states Michael Jackson and 2Pac are the equivalent of – wait for it – CHRIS BROWN. Smh. He gives a lengthy explanation for why he thinks this makes sense in his caption (below), but I personally still can’t make heads or tails from this.

“Damn right I said it! The level of talent, passion, and artistic ability that this young man possesses makes @ChrisBrownOfficial a true legend amongst legends. A lot of times we don’t realize or acknowledge our treasures while we still have them with us. We wait until they are gone to appreciate their power. Think about how much everyone attacked MJ and 2Pac while they were alive… I don’t think I have ever witnessed someone more gifted, who has overcome so much and still growing and learning daily. My Prayers go up for this dude everyday. @ChrisBrownOfficial #Respect #Legend #Loyalty #Love #Artist #Proud #Men”