New Video: T-Pain Feat. Vantrease & Young Cash – ‘Classic Man’ (Remix)


New Video: T-Pain Feat. Vantrease & Young Cash – ‘Classic Man’ (Remix)

Move over Kendrick Lamar and Jidenna, there’s another rapper in town adding his own twist and flavor to being a classic man.

The latest rapper adding his taste to the current sensational song is T-Pain. Today the east coast rapper released a remix video to Jidenna’s hit single “Classic Man”.

Vantrease and Young Cash also appear on the upbeat tune where T-Pain shows us his own rendition focusing entirely on retro cars and guns as the “Buy U a Drank” rapper raps to: “I got the Desert Eagle in the doorway/ you know that I’m from Florida babe/ I’m a classic man/ any whip from the ’50s to the ’90s, catch me in a classic man/ I’m in a Buick with a Chevy right behind me riding through Tallahassee, man.”

Check out how T-Mix uses auto-tune and classic cars to make this “Classic Man” song his own.

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