New Music Friday: Releases New Single ‘Cool As Me’

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Mysterious Alt-Pop / Indie sensation released a smooth track ‘Cool As Me’ that got us all vibing. On the track, delivers well-chosen tunes that remind us of early Passion Pit and Foals. 

Spencer Kumdis, the artist who stands behind, prepared the whole back story while building the project, and created a brand new character in order to emphasize the artistry behind it. 

As the press release notes, “He was born with no face and orange skin in the dead cold of 1998’s winter. His mother wanted to peel him like an orange, and everything in Spencer’s life has led up until this very moment. He likes to scream loudly, fantasizes about a day where nobody has a face and everyone has orange skin. Sometimes, Spencer will bang his head against the wall REALLY HARD. Spencer REFUSES to drink water, even in the shower, and he has never eaten anything larger than the size of his fist (watermelons, carrots, sponge cake, etc) Spencer was born with glass orange bones and orange paper skin. Every morning, he breaks his legs, and every afternoon, he breaks my arms. At night, he lies awake in agony until his heart attacks put him to sleep. Spencer LOVES PRINCE, and has never left his 20 acre yard/house. Never once.”

Intriguing, huh? 

‘Cool As Me’ is the outcome of his huge imagination and hard work, all carried out with a detail oriented attitude and clear precision. The track features trendy indie vibes and influences. Sonically, it’s a creative fusion of pop and alt-rock that incorporates elements of synths, heavy hooks, and strings of electro. serves one of the coolest and most interesting releases we have heard in a while, so make sure to check it out: 

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