New Music: Big Grams (Big Boi & Phantogram) – ‘Fell In The Sun’


New Music: Big Grams (Big Boi & Phantogram) – ‘Fell In The Sun’

Yesterday we announced the release of Big Boi and Phantogram’s upcoming EP titled Big Grams was set to drop on September 25th. Wasting no time at all getting us excited, the duo now known as Big Grams has released the EP’s first song titled “Fell In The Sun” and it’s sounding great.

The triumphant instrumental and the soothing hook/sample is captivating and serves as a great backdrop for Big Boi’s southern flavor. At this rate, the Big Grams EP should be a major success.

Take a listen to “Fell In The Sun” above and check out the track list for the upcoming EP below.

Big Grams – Big Grams EP

1. Run for Your Life
2. Lights On
3. Fell In the Sun
4. Put It On Her
5. Goldmine Junkie
6. Born To Shine (feat. Run The Jewels)
7. Drum Machine (feat. Skrillex)

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