New Album: Dysphoria Is A Fusion Of Beautiful Sounds By Transgender Artist Hipster Conspiracy

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Inspiring transgender artist Hipster Conspiracy is releasing her debut album, Dysphoria. As opposed to euphoria, she wanted to share her toughest and most difficult, sometimes negative, emotions she had to endure during the years she was struggling with her sexual identity. More than her own struggle, Dysphoria reflects the tension and repulsion society has shown towards accepting her the way she is. Hipster Conspiracy has chosen the path of art and beauty to share her pain, via eleven meticulously curated sounds she self-produces, as she is both a multi-instrumentalist and a producer, on top of being a singer-songwriter. 

After the rise of artists such as Teddy Geiger and Kim Petras, we are extremely excited to witness the rise of yet another super-talented transgender soul, who will surely impact audiences positively, and help people accept and tolerate their differences through music.