MLB Players Really Love Drake, But Not in Toronto

MLB Players Really Love Drake, But Not in Toronto

Image via BET

Drake’s rise closely paralleled the advent of internet meme culture; Take Care solidified his status as make-your-own-caption material in the music world, and the sports media soon followed once the rapper fully displayed his tendency to hop on a winning team’s bandwagon. Now a regular at Wimbledon, the Toronto Raptors’ brand ambassador, and close pals with sports stars of all kinds, it’s safe to say he’s made his line in “Thank Me Now” (2010) even more real:

“I swear sports and music are so synonymous / ‘Cuz we wanna be them, and they wanna be us.”

Newly gathered information from Major League Baseball shows that Drake’s influence on the diamond can’t be understated: he’s reportedly the most popular recording artist when it comes to walk-up songs, those 30-second snippets that players personally pick to be played every time they step to the plate.

Billboard noted that 17 players used Drake-led records, and another 13 used Drake-featuring tracks. Interestingly, only one member of his home city’s team, Blue Jay’s centerfielder Dalton Pomprey, chose to rep the Canadian rapper. “Know Yourself,” “6 God,” and Big Sean’s “Blessings” were among the most common Drizzy tracks. If You’re Reading This It’s Time to Play Ball.

We don’t want to waste an opportunity: below you’ll find the baseball-themed “4 My Town” by Birdman and Drake.