Miranda Writes Finds the Sweet Spot Between Rap and Pop on “Too Blessed”

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We now have access to millions of songs at any given moment. Artists from every genre are constantly pushing sounds to their limits, coming up with new interesting ways of being original. This new push has led to genre blends and the birth of many sub-genres.

Miranda Writes is a New York MC who has found the sweet spot between golden age rap and radio-friendly pop music. Miranda presents a sound that is as accessible as pop music but does justice to hip-hop purists. This fusion opens her sound up so that anyone can find elements in it that they will enjoy.

Her latest lyric to video to “ Too Blessed” is a perfect example of how Miranda blends the catchy melodies of pop music with the thought-provoking lyrics of rap. Her words detail the messy relationships that come with fame and success. As serious as the subject is, Miranda skillfully raps over the dance-inspired instrumental,  keeping it light and fun. Writes’ musical influence come together on “Too Blessed” to create a track that will make you listen carefully as you get down on the dance floor.

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