Michele Garruti Releases Intensely Cinematic Album Glitch

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Italy born and raised, but now living in London, Michele Garruti has earned a global following for his limitless imagination, strength of structure and astonishing range of moods, from electro-classical to new age and ambient sonorities. Glitch is Garruti’s latest solo album and his most intimate creation to date. It contains a beautiful and honest collection of songs, straight from the heart. 

Michele Garruti’s powerfully emotive piano scores and undisputed talent as an producer, electronic and piano composer, have kept him in demand as a composer, working with for decades with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Peter Erskine, Bob Mintzer, Darek Oleszkiewicz, Michael Stever, and Kathleen Grace. His sincerity and freedom from affectation or artificiality are powerful pointers to his unique artistic authority. 

Garruti’s gift for shaping each piece – through repetition, interlocking melodic patterns and expertly controlled contrasts that generate melancholia and momentum – made this album intensely cinematic. The abstract projected images and memories enhance the effect without impeding our own internal imagery and emotions, creating a sense of collective reverie that are as reassuring as they are fulfilling. Although the ideas behind the structures are harmonically simple and very accessible they flow from a place of intense introspection, an inward self-discovery, and the result is a reflection of our grandiose humanity.