Melyssa Ford Checks Cucumber Intercourse Expert Alexis Skyy On Who Paved Way For “These B*tches”

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might not be a name familiar to anyone under the age of 25 but for a time, she was among one of the most sought-after video vixens of her era. After Alexis Skyy said she paved the way for recently, Ford had to let the youngins know who the OG is.

Ford, fit and fabulous at 43, took to Instagram a few days ago to let the new it girls know what time it was. The sultry Ford posted an Instagram video of her smoking some fine greenery and had a message for Skyy that was plain as day.

“Paved the way???? Ppl need a history lesson. But you know what? Lol lemme just chill over her with my greenery in my convalescent home,” Ford wrote in the caption for the video.

To be fair, Skyy was probably talking about the up and coming social media stars of her era and not the video vixen period of which Ford commanded with ease. These days, Ford is currently the host of the I’m Here For The Food podcast, and a co-host for Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored. Some fans might remember Ford was in a serious accident back in 2018 but she returned to work the following year after recovering from her severe injuries.

We probably don’t need to say it but Ford still looks like she could stand tall with any of the “bad b*tches” of today while showing them a thing or two. That said, Ford is clearly taking the high road, pun definitely intended. Peep the video and some imagery below.

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