Meet The Rising Star La Doña

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The rising Mexican-American artist is making head waves, especially after the drop of “Setas y Ceros,” which talks about societies functioning under capitalist economies.

La Doña, whose birth name is Cecilia Cassandra Peña Govea is winning the game, despite the drawbacks of the COVID19 on the music industry.

The “Setas y Ceros” singer also opened up about the struggles of promoting music under the surrounding circumstances, where no one can hold concerts to reach fans. However, she highlights that she is planning to adopt a new promotion strategy.

La Doña also revealed that the music video of her forthcoming release is on the way and will hopefully be out in May. Other than that, she is planning to do a live stream for “Setas y Ceros.”

Well, it is safe to say that La Doña has everything needed to become a successful singer. Her creativity, confidence, and resilience are what distinguishes her from the rest. 

We can’t wait to see how she will cement her career from here.

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