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We sat down with architect, artist modern inspirational visionary Majed Veysel. Here’s our chat:

1 Can you introduce yourself to our peeps? 

Majed: My name is Majed Veysel. I am an architect, a designer and an Instagramer. I come from Aleppo Syria, and since childhood I wanted to become an architect or a designer. I learned to draw very early when I was three, I already knew how to draw and find myself in space. I always loved to go and see exhibitions and visit museums. which immediately exposed me to creativity, to open up to many different disciplines – hence the choice of architecture.

After my bachelor studies in Istanbul turkey in architecture, a period during which I worked in parallel in architecture offices, as well as freelancer architect I decided to come and settle in Torino Italy and do my masters in Politecnico di Torino which is Italy’s oldest technical university. The university offers several courses in the fields of Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design. 

2 When did you start your practice in art? 

Majed: Since 2013, when i started studying architecture, I have been sharing the same stuff on my instagram profile. I share architectural photos, mostly black and white, a contrast between light and shadows, There’s always a story in my head that I try to bring to life in photography. In 2017, Instagram decided to push my profile upfront of and that’s where everything expanded for me. 

That was when Adobe shared one of my creation “ A play on light and shadow turns a dark corner into a glowing, optical illusion. ” 

3 You have dropped excellent pieces on your Instagram, are you selling those soon?

Majed: I never have had a materialistic intention in my work, nor have I searched to earn money with it. The sole purpose of my art is to serve humanity. I am interested only in expressing basic human emotions   ̶   tragedy, love, doom, sorrow, hope, happiness and so on.

4 Tell us more about how your projects came to be and your personal story behind them.

Majed: I want it to not manifest, I want it to make people manifest, I want it to move people and shake them unconsciously and consciously.

If there was anything my art would express then it would be the human nature

(my experiences are the same as your experiences),

I have just found my own language.

I do not know exactly. It may be about myself, my ideas and my emotions in a given period, or it may be  a way to draw my memories, to share my dreams and my desires, and to communicate my experience and observations.

My art is the expression of my self, my vision and point of view on things that matter to me and provoke my senses, by translating them in my own way.

5 Your pictures all have a really unique vibe – thoughtful, mysterious, black, white, yet so lively. Where does your inspiration come from? What does your creative process look like? 

Majed: Inspiration is everywhere! Inspiration in art depends on the personality and philosophy of an artist. My inspiration comes from everything that catches my attention in everyday life, not necessarily something important, yet it always depends on the impact left on my soul that may create emotions. My energy springs from my ability to express these things in different ways and thus to make my own creative experiences.

I think that every artist must have the courage to express and show his own ideas through his work. These expressions give an artist solid experience and background to find satisfaction and fully assume all what he creates; satisfaction here plays an important role within the creative process.

6 What are some of your favorite artists? How do they influence you?

Majed: Pablo Picasso painted his most famous picture in black and white. His repeated minimal palette correlates to his obsessive interest in line and form, drawing, and monochromatic and tonal values, while developing a complex language of pictorial and sculptural signs.

7 What advice do you want to give to future photographers and aspiring artists? 


Keep doing what you love and let everything happen naturally.

Never force it.

Remember that time is a precious thing never waste it. 

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