Madeline The Person Drops An Emotional Track “As A Child”

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The rising star plays with our heartstrings with her latest project “As A Child.” You could sense that the project comes from deep within, where the melodramatic lyrics strongly hit the listeners.

She croons: “I wish you could feel just how heavy I am all the time. Sometimes when I smile I bite my lip so I don’t cry.”

In the description section, the artist adds that she is trying to normalize the tragedy by being vulnerable and publicly sharing her feelings with her listeners. 

“I’m super sad and also really happy and joyful and grateful. I have a lot of emotions, and I don’t like to boil it down to just a few,” she states. 

The artist also drops a music video for the single where she appears in an extravagant artistic style. The artist rocks the music video with her half pink and half blue hair, where she appears to be strolling along from one place to another, remembering her old days. The video then captures her sitting on a pile of colorful bean bags. 

The video ends with a special message to her father saying: “This song is dedicated to the coolest dad ever, who passed away on May 17, 2017, and to all of us who have to carry the heavy emptiness of loss on our shoulders each day.”

Watch the official music video below:

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