Luxury Protection: Louis Vuitton Has Donated 2,500 Masks To NYC MTA Employees

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The fashion industry continues to do their best to offer support during this seemingly never ending pandemic. One luxury retailer has given back to The Big Apple’s essential workers.

As spotted on The Cut Louis Vuitton has made good on their promises. Back in March the French fashion house announced that they would be donating 40 million surgical masks throughout several cities throughout the world who were severely impacted by COVID-19. Their inventory has finally made its way to the staffers who make keep the world’s greatest city keep going. According to the article LV has sent 2,500 masks for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

In light of the health crisis the repurposed many of their factories to start producing surgical masks. “By virtue of its global distribution network, has managed to secure an order with a Chinese industrial supplier for a delivery of 10 million masks in France in the coming days (seven million surgical masks and three million FFP2 masks). The order will be repeated for at least four weeks in similar quantities (i.e. approximately 40 million masks)” the statement read. “In order to secure this order during an extremely tense period and to ensure that production begins today, Bernard Arnault arranged for LVMH to finance the whole of the first week of deliveries, amounting to five million euros.”

As of last week over 22,000 people have died in COVID-19 in New York City.