Lubelski Releases New 'Universal Groove' EP

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As one of our favorite house connoisseurs out of Los Angeles and head of Percomaniacs imprint, we’ve been following Lubelski since we discovered him with the Desert Hearts crew years back. We’re stoked to share his new EP, ‘Universal Groove’, is out now for your listening pleasure.

As many of us find ourselves stuck at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s times like now that we look to music for an escape. This nine-track release gives us exactly that. It’s filled with groovy basslines, tons of ear-catching vocals from talented underground names like Kaleena Zanders and Jackson Englund, and collabs from producers including Durante and fellow Perc artists RYBO and Wyatt Marshall.

A few personal favorites of ours include ‘Somebody Like You’ with RYBO and the incredible SOHMI, as well as Lubelski’s collaboration with Englund titled ‘Slippin”. It’s worth listening from start to finish, diving into the flow of the tunes, and finding the tunes that speak to you too.

When discussing the album, Lubelski explained:

“The Universal Groove, to me, is about love. The beat is indifferent to you so we have to care about each other. We all come together under this roof of rhythms to lift each other up and find an escape from the mundanity of daily life. This album culminates in love and all its shades and colors, whether it’s about falling in love, having love for each other, or showing self love. We are all unified by the universal groove of house music.”

This mantra hits home right about now, as San Francisco and Los Angeles head into major lockdown mode and we’re starting to appreciate positive vibes and good grooves more than ever.

You can grab it digitally or purchase it on vinyl (we got ours!) here. Stream it below!