Liz Phair’s Album “Soberish” Will Be Out This Summer

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The multi-genre artist Liz Phair’s highly anticipated album “Soberish” is set to be out this June. The artist has recently shared a single titled “Spanish Door” from her forthcoming album.
“Soberish” which is the second album of the artist, was initially set to be out in 2019. Liz has also shared a few singles from the album including, Hey Lou” and “Good Side.”

A press release describes the album as “a portrait of Phair in the present tense, taking all of the facets of her melodic output over the years and synthesizing them into a beautiful, perfect whole.”

Below are the projects included in the album:
01 Spanish Doors
02 The Game
03 Hey Lou
04 In There
05 Good Side
06 Sheridan Side
07 Ba Ba Ba
08 Soberish
09 Soul Sucker
10 Lonely Street
11 Dosage
12 Bad Kitty
13 Rain Scene

Check out “Spanish Doors” below: