Lil Reese Addresses Video Of Him Getting Jumped


Over the past weekend, footage hit the Internet that showed getting jumped. The Chicago rapper has addressed the fade delivery, saying “Kill the lies,” amongst other things.

The video in question showed Reese on the ground getting hit, repeatedly.

Another rapper named Skeezy posted a still of Reese on the ground with a goon going through his pockets, and added an unsavory caption, too.

“This is what happens when the so called “Chiraq Grim Reaper” @reesemoney300 plays with the wrong people 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ He ends up beat up, sh*ttin on his self and getting all his lil money took out his pocket 💩💸🤕👊🏾 That fake tough sh*t never get you nowhere,” he wrote in the caption.

In a now deleted tweeted, Reese confirmed that he got jumped, but to kill all the extra sh*t considering he was dolo when he got jumped, and kept scrapping.

“”I got jump [sic] by like 5 n*ggas all that other sh*t tell them kill the lies I got up still fighting ain’t no hoe and me bro I’m dolo them n*ggas know them hoe ass n*ggas snake me.”

Can’t we all just get along?

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