Like Pillows for Your Feet—Meet (and Shop!) the Sleeping Bag Shoe

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After nearly a year spent at home, shoe trends have undergone an evolution not unlike that which occurs in nature. Unwalkable heels and blister-inducing steppers have not survived, no longer the fittest choice for our almost sedentary, stay-at-home lifestyles. Why hobble around or feel any foot pain whatsoever while at home—especially when Zooming occurs from the waist up? When day-to-day environments changed drastically last March, a new generation of shoes took over.

First to dominate were those styles already on the market— easy-on, easy-off slides and slippers or perhaps even sneakers (for a socially distanced walk) or loafers (if dressing up was still a priority). A year in, the appetite for comfy shoes only grows more fervent and designers have leaned into it wholeheartedly, going full throttle with plush and stylish looks. Honorable mention goes to Daniel Lee at Bottega Veneta, who gave us puffed-up quilted mules in 2019. But the newest release is what comfy footwear dreams are made of: the sleeping bag shoe.

Comfort-wise, the appeal for the sleeping bag shoe is obvious; what could be better than spending the day with your foot engulfed in a quilted haven? These shoes prove hygge is alive and well and cozy is the ideal state for feet. But it’s not just about extra comfort, it’s also about style because fashion loves all things puffed. In 1973, Norma Kamali released her iconic sleeping bag coat, and since, the runways have been full of space-taking, marshmallowy pieces. The popularity of insulated outerwear has also permeated the accessories market—we’ve seen puffer scarves (from Jil Sander, Cmmn Sweden, Roksanda) and now quilted shoes that make for a high-fashion-meets-technical hybrid that feels both practical and cool.

The North Face and Hästens have had their quilted iterations for some time now, and on the spring 2021 runways, when luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Proenza Schouler released their own stylish sleeping bag shoes, the trend suddenly became undeniable. Without further ado, say hello to the sleeping bag shoe. Below, our favorite pairs of the most delightful shoe trend afoot.