LeAnn Rimes Shares Nude Photos To Be ‘Unabashedly Honest’ About Her Psoriasis

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Country superstar LeAnn Rimes revealed her psoriasis diagnosis by sharing nude photographs.

On Thursday (October 29), the "Can't Fight The Moonlight" singer shared a series of nude photographs via Instagram. Rimes is seen posing with her psoriasis, a skin condition that often results in painful red blotches, on full display.

Rimes explained that with her new podcast and record, she examines pieces of herself that she has been hiding. "It’s been and still is a journey of allowing them out and welcoming and reintegrating those fragments back into wholeness," she began. "Music has been my gift, and why I’m here. But I want to give a voice to these other pieces of me. And I want to give a voice to what so many other people are going through. This is finally my time to be unabashedly honest about what psoriasis is and what it looks like."

"You know when you say something you’ve been holding in for so long, and it’s such a sigh of relief?" she continued. "That's what these photos are to me. I needed this. My whole body—my mind, my spirit—needed this desperately."

In addition to her social media post, Rimes also penned an essay for Glamour Magazine about coming clean regarding her skin condition. Rimes revealed that she has tried countless medications, topical creams and even unconventional methods.

She was first diagnosed when she was just two years old when the condition covered eighty percent of her body. She managed to keep it secret for most of her adult life by not wearing any shorts in public, multiple layers of pantyhose and by wearing jeans even in extreme heat.

See the photographs, below.