LAPD Says Nipsey Hussle Wasn’t Target Of Their Investigation Gang Activity At Marathon Clothing Store

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As suspected there are several layers to yet to be peeled on murder. The law has confirmed they were keeping tabs on his movements prior to his death.

TMZ has confirmed that the and his retail location. According to the report the police were not eyeing the rapper specifically but all the alleged gang activity the Marathon Clothing store attracted.

To make matters even more touchy one of the website’s inside sources claims the investigation is now causing an uproar as the department was once commending Nip for encouraging local gang members to keep the peace. Hussle was an admitted Rollin’ 60’s Crip. His family closed the store shortly after his untimely death but the wears are still available on the Marathon Clothing site.

In June police confirmed the getaway driver in his murder was offered protection for her cooperation.

Photo: Danel Bailey