Kodak Black Blessed With 46 Months In Prison On Fed Weapons Charges, Beat Up Prison Guard

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Don’t expect to see out in the free world anytime soon. The South Florida rapper was just sentenced to 46 months in prison on federal weapons charges.

According to the Miami Herald, the rapper’s lawyers were seeking a sentence of 37 to 44 months or less, per court records. Reportedly, the prosecution requested 46 to 57 months.

Either was far less than the maximum ten years he was facing. Kodak to charges of falsifying info on the federal forms filled out to purchase firearms in a Miami-area gun shop.

So Kodak Black is getting sent up on a technicality, which is only further evidence that if the Feds have their sights on you, it’s probably a wrap. Also, there is still the a.

Nevertheless, Kodak Black and his lawyers .

Also not helping his case, today in court prosecutors revealed that Kodak Black beat up a prison guard.

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