Kodak Black Allegedly Involved In Prison Fight That Sent A Guard To Hospital

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While his rhyming ability and overall sanity was often in question has always been known to be with the ish. It seems the rapper had a bloody physical altercation behind bars.

As per HipHopDX the Florida native got into something at Miami’s Federal Detention Center where he is being held. WPLG Local 10 News is reporting that he got into a brawl with another inmate. In an effort to diffuse the situation a guard intervened but ended up getting injured in the process. The station is claiming that the correctional facility employee was kicked in the groin. While the injury does not seem too gruesome on paper the person in question had to be rushed to hospital to undergo surgery.

The “No Flockin” rapper was caught with weapons in March which he plead guilty to. He is waiting for sentencing which is scheduled for November 13. could face eight years if the judge hits him with the maximum.

Photo: John Parra/Getty Images