Klay Thompson's Girlfriend Calls Him Out For Sleeping With Groupies


Scorned girlfriends of professional athletes are doing this thing where they publicly call out their partners for cheating, and it doesn’t really make any sense. 

Just last week it was Victor Cruz’ fiancee who created a group chat consisting of all of Vic’s side pieces in order to shame him. Whether she intended to or not, those messages have since gone viral. 

This week it’s Hannah Stocking, the girlfriend of the Warriors’ Klay Thompson, who recently discovered he was also sleeping around with groupies. Instead of dealing with this on her own terms, she took to twitter to ‘bash’ Steph Curry’s Splash brother.

Can’t really understand what this accomplishes other than the fact she just reinforced what we all already know- professional athletes have endless amounts of women begging for the D, and they ‘occasionally’ take advantage of this. Especially when they’re winning NBA titles.

Is Ms. Stocking smoking hot? Absolutely. Did Klay f*ck up? Yes. Is this going to stop him from grabbing another 10/10 this weekend? Nope.  

She has since deleted some tweets, but below you’ll find some screen grabs. Whatever helps her get over the heart break, right? 

Klay Thompson's Girlfriend Calls Him Out For Sleeping With Groupies

You don’t destroy ppl that care about you. That’s not how it works. ? pic.twitter.com/XQ9LCBvwEi

— Hannah Stocking (@HannahStocking) October 4, 2015

How is “I want you to be my baby mama” the new way to compliment a woman?

— Hannah Stocking (@HannahStocking) October 7, 2015

Back in the day didn’t it used to be “I want to make you my wife one day” ? ?

— Hannah Stocking (@HannahStocking) October 7, 2015

And when these men tell u that they want u to be their baby mama they act like they just dropped a bomb Shakespeare love soliloquy. ?✋

— Hannah Stocking (@HannahStocking) October 7, 2015

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