Khiy Shares Her Positivity And Love For Life In Her New Release “Jamaican Me Happy”

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Kiah Coleman, better known as Khiy, is one of the most positive artists one can come across when searching for new songs. Atlanta, GA-based singer-songwriter’s new release “Jamaican Me Happy” will leave you no chance to not catch the infectious feel-good vibes and enjoy your time. R&B sounds mixed with smooth reggae vibes, pop tunes, and edgy Hip-Hop beats create a mindblowing rollercoaster of positive vibes. 

“Jamaican Me Happy” is an energetic, enthusiastic anthem of life. Khiy shares her energy and spreads it through the song. She manifests the process of enjoying the time we have, living every given second to the fullest. The artist even dedicates some verses to cannabis, a magical plant making her feel good. She is bold and eager to use everything and anything capable of making her get more from life. “Jamaican Me Happy” is not only light and fun; it is also soulful and heart-warming with a strong message of hope and not giving up.