Kelyes Blends Sophisticated Imagery With Blissful Vibes On Debut Single And MV “Not Around”

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Kelyes is rapidly becoming one of the hottest new artists in soul, pop, and indie music. Recently, she released her debut single titled “Not Around,” and this week, she has released a wonderful music video to accompany the song. Off her upcoming EP  Kelyes & The Wave, “Not Around” is a soulful ballad that introduces Kelyes’ hypnotic voice to the world, over a meticulous production distilling soulful vibes from start to finish. 

The music video bring a fantastic visual support to the song, helping listeners to understand Kelyes’ approach to her music, one filled with nostalgia, fluidity, without forgetting to mention the most important one; her relationship with nature that she incredibly well translates in her unique sound and lyrics.