Katy Perry Shoved 7 Chicken Nuggets into Her Face on Japanese TV

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We’re used to Katy Perry putting her foot in her mouth, but this time, she opted to put seven chicken nuggets into her mouth live on Japanese TV. Yes, seven.

Perry was on Japanese morning show Sukkiri on Thursday (March 29), and for some reason, she thought it was a good career move to shove a big pile of nuggies into her face — only to disgustingly spit them all up. Need proof? Watch the video down below.

As The Cut points out, Perry was on the popular show when the topic turned to her love of Japanese snacks. The hosts then rolled out a tray of convenient store Lawson’s beloved Kara-age Kun, with one saying, “I prepared that because we] heard you are addicted to some foods in Japan.”

Then for reasons completely unknown, Perry just starts shovelling them into her mouth like a totally insane person. Making it all way worse, she then spits them up, all half chewed and whatnot. And remember, this is on morning TV.

The hosts seem honestly embarrassed for her, and the camera turns away as the disgusting display plays out live on TV — most likely in HD.

We honestly have no idea what Perry was thinking, but we do know this — Taylor would never do such a thing.

Watch the nugget display down below, if you dare.