Kanye West Announces ‘Jesus Is King Part II’ With Dr. Dre, Twitter More Divided Than Congress

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The rollout to Kanye West’s latest project, , received mixed reviews, . Today (Nov. 18), Yeezy shared a photo of himself and Dr. Dre in the studio, and dangled the carrot that Jesus Is King Part II is “coming soon.”

There are many ways to take this info, and it all depends on your perspective on Kanye West. If you’re a rabid fan who thinks he can do no wrong, of course you should be excited. Dr. Dre and Yeezy in the lab? The production will have to be fiyah.

However, if you’re perceptive of Yeezy’s antics, you know his music can be hit or “What in the name of all f*cks is going on?” miss. Then there’s the fact Dr. Dre never delivered the now mythical Detox project, so taking his word that his music is “coming soon” is a pipe dream.

But wait, wasn’t?

Regardless, Twitter is reacting to the image of the good Doctor and Yeezus in the studio. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t at least passingly interested in what they potentially create.

Peep the best reactions so far below.