Kanye West and Jay Z’s Tour Riders Have Some Crazy Demands


Kanye West and Jay Z’s Tour Riders Have Some Crazy Demands

Image via u2soul

TMZ appears to have gotten their hands on tour riders for Kanye West and Jay Z, and the two hip-hop titans have some interesting accommodation needs, as rock stars are prone to having.

In Kanye’s hotel room, he must have only cylindrical vases, 13 bottles of alcohol that total about $3,200, minty dental floss, Kashi Go Lean cereal, black towels, and a Genelec 1031A speaker, which has not been in production since 2005, out of the game long enough to have been inducted into the TECnology Hall of Fame in 2014.

Meanwhile, Jay Z demands his room be 71 degrees, have three 3 Mayan tuberose-scented candles (which cost $80 each), and for his daughter Blue Ivy, he needs organic whole milk (aka the Jim Harbaugh-approved kind). Also, if the staff wants to ask him for concert tickets, they should think twice about that if they want to “avoid embarrassment.”

Kanye and Jay Z’s demands are actually pretty tame compared to more legendary riders like Katy Perry, who will not tolerate any sort of interaction with her driver, or any activity from him not directly related to the act of operating a motor vehicle. And of course there’s Van Halen’s legendary 1982 rider, which demands gallons of alcohol and absolutely no brown M&Ms.