Justin and Hailey Bieber Try Out a New Date Night Look

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Justin and Hailey Bieber’s couple style mantra is always go bold or go home. The duo loves to flex a statement look when together, whether they’re in sweats or dressed up for date night. They share a mutual obsession with designer labels. Justin gravitates towards streetwear pieces while Hailey loves looks that are fresh off the runway. For their latest outing, however, they went for a more pared-back vibe. Classic sure looks good on them.

For the occasion, Hailey wore a classic little black dress by AZ Factory and paired it with black pointed-toe pumps. Justin complemented her in a blue suit by Balmain, white button-up, and black chisel-toe boots. He also gets bonus points for pulling off that wide-brimmed hat. While we love date nights where they pull out trendy hoodies or a loud statement bag, it’s nice to see them lean into more of a timeless style. Maybe it’s the result of married life and growing up, or maybe it’s their new spring re-emergence looks (now’s the time to try a new look, after all!). Whatever it may be, it’s clearly working for them. 

AZ Factory MyBody strap dress



Saint Laurent le smoking clutch bag