Joey Badass lets 6ix9ine know who the real King of New York is –

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Joey Badass seems to be tired 6ix9ine calling himself the King New York. Joey Badass recently took to Instagram and broke down why he is the real King New York and not 6ix9ine.

Joey Badass broke down how in only 2 Months he already has made over $1.4 Million dollars f his music, which should make him King New York in his eyes.

Joey Badass wrote
“All that king talk is cool and all but I just made 100+ racks yesterday f features,” wrote Bada$$ on his Instagram story. From there, he runs down a list his quarterly earnings. “Another quarter mil f ghostwriting. Another 120K f an endorsement (front end). Not to mention the half a mil I brought in from touring about a month ago plus I’m going on tour AGAIN, in April. Plus another 300K in royalties coming in this month… Sheesh and that’s just the first quarter, ” wrote Bada$$.

We have not yet got a response from 6ix9ine but we are sure it should be entertaining when he does respond

Joey Badass lets 6ix9ine know who the real King  New York is -


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