Jimmy Fallon & A$AP Rocky Help Jared Leto Launch 'Mars Across America' Tour: Watch

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Thirty Seconds to Mars singer also performed in Penn Station with a gospel choir and greeted fans in Times Square.

Jared Leto kicked off his “Mars Across America” tour in style on Monday night (Apr. 2) when Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon  helped send him on his way as he hitchhikes, bikes and runs across the country to promote Thirty Seconds to Mars' upcoming fifth album, America (Apr. 6). Leto began his journey by strolling onto Fallon's set carrying a giant backpack.

“I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were filming, I think I'm a little lost,” the actor/rocker said to a surprised-looking Fallon, who explained that the “street” Leto was looking for was six floors below. So, because Fallon's a nice guy, he walked Leto to the elevator as the singer described the promotional stunt, which he said could include a ride through the Grand Canyon on a donkey. “What a better way to celebrate America then to kind of travel around and ask people about their lives?,” he said.

And just so you know, Leto swore that it's not a gag, he really intends to hitchhike — or hop on a hot air balloon — as he makes his way west. Because he needed to catch a ride ASAP, Leto hit the street and, of course, A$AP Rocky pulled up in a minivan to offer him a lift. Leto's busy first day also included a performance of “Walk on Water” in Penn Station, a stroll through New York's streets while playing “Rescue Me” and a meet and greet with fans in Times Square.

Check out the Tonight Show video and Leto's #marsacrossamerica updates below.


Leto's tour is scheduled to continue on Tuesday (Apr. 3), with stops at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and a visit to the Skydeck in Chicago.