Jermaine Fowler Takes Us Behind the Scenes of the Coming 2 America Premiere 

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Growing up, actor Jermaine Fowler was a huge fan of both Eddie Murphy and Coming to America. As luck would have it, he’s now starring alongside Murphy in the classic film’s sequel. Tomorrow, Coming 2 America is available to stream on Amazon, and in it, Fowler plays Lavelle Junson, the son of Murphy’s character Akeem, who is a monarch. The plot centers around Akeem discovering that Junson, the son he never knew he had, is set to succeed him in ruling Zamunda (the fictional nation the film is set in). “I loved the Lavelle character,” says Fowler. “I loved what he had to say and what he was going through.” Working with his idol Murphy was also a dream come true, obviously. “It was something very special that I’ll never forget,” says Fowler. “[There’s] nobody like him; past, present, or future.”

When the film premiered virtually last night, Fowler treated the streaming event as a normal Hollywood fête—even if there was no red carpet. He dressed up in a look by Emporio Armani for his appearance during the event’s virtual after-party, which was held after the movie was screened. “I like the folks [at Armani]. They gave me some cool options,” says Fowler. “I chose something that matched my mood: Shiny!” Fowler’s winning silvery blazer indeed shined, perfect attire for popping some champagne in. Not to mention, it was the perfect piece for Zoom dressing (it’s all about a waist-up approach!). 

In general, Fowler enjoys getting snazzy for events like the virtual premiere, but says he doesn’t consider himself a huge fashion follower. “I don’t know if I’m a fan of fashion. Fashion can be so hard to keep up with sometimes,” he says, adding that he much prefers a daily uniform. “I can see why Steve Jobs only rocked a black turtleneck ’til he died. I’m just a fan of quality. I wanna be comfortable. I don’t care too much about trends.” Still, as his virtual premiere look shows, he still knows how to create a fun, memorable fashion moment.

Now that the film is ready for release, Fowler says he plans on taking a “much-deserved nap with my family” post the press-tour. As for how he plans to continue approaching red carpet style for his future projects? He wants to channel more fashion icons in film. “Like Mugatu in Zoolander,” he quips. Mugatu would definitely approve of the blazer.

Below, how Fowler got ready for his Coming 2 America virtual premiere.