It Continues: J Balvin Poses in Front of Hot Dog Cart Following Residente’s Comments

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The #CarritodeHotDog saga continues. J Balvin is embracing Residente’s comments in which he seemingly compared Balvin’s music to a hot dog cart. The “In Da Getto” artist posted a carousel on Instagram of him posing with a hot dog cart while in the caption promoting his upcoming feature on Sech’s “Sal y Perrea” Remix with Daddy Yankee, which drops today.

On Wednesday, Puerto Rican rapper Residente spoke out against Balvin in a now-deleted video captioned “Querido José” that addresses Balvin’s call for a boycott of the Latin Grammys. In the video, Residente had some apparent thoughts about Balvin’s music quality, saying, “Don’t get me wrong, José, everyone likes hot dogs,” he added. “Understand [that] your music is like a hot dog cart, which many people or almost everyone may like. But when those people want to eat well, they go to a restaurant that… earns Michelin stars.” In the culinary industry, the Michelin Guide is an influential system used to rate restaurants. Viewers were shocked at the apparent diss on Balvin’s music quality — and almost immediately, #CarritodeHotDog became a trending hashtag.

Balvin had responded to Residente about an hour after posting the video, commenting, “Respect your opinion.” Now, it seems that he is having fun with all the noise. 

The drama all began when Balvin posted cryptic tweets earlier in the week claiming that “The Grammys don’t value us, but they need us.” He also encouraged other Latine musicians who were nominated not to attend the ceremony in November. Residente responded with this question at the top of his video: “If [they] don’t value us, then why do I have 31 Grammys?”