Interview: Losk33

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We had the opportunity to chat with emerging rapper Losk33 to talk about his latest release, “Lord Have Mercy,” and his collaboration with Foogiano.

Hi Losk33, hope you are well! How are you and how have you been affected by the pandemic in relation to music and creativity?

The Pandemic didn’t really affect me, it actually gave me time to build my catalog and spend more time with my family…….

First of all, congratulations on your new song and music video “Lord Have Mercy,” with Foogiano, we loved it. Could you tell us more about how the song came to life? And was the shooting of the music video a fun experience with Foogiano? Any behind-the-scenes story?

Well I had the song pre recorded. I was just going to finish it when I got to ATL but in the midst of that, Foogiano was there for his own session. Then when he heard a certain part of the song, he felt it and wanted to get on it. As far as the video shoot, he showed me mad love and brought me to his neighborhood where I met his folks. They’re good people, probably one of the dopest artists I met in the game right now.

How would you describe your musical style?

I got my own style, ‘testimony turn up’, it’s like I keep this shit 100 but I turn you up in the process…….. and I’m tryna create this lane.

What is the main difference between PSA and Family Affair dropped one year before in terms of the creative process?

Well you know family affair is exactly what it sounds like. It’s me and all my closest friends, all on one tape working together, and PSA is the first official mixtape I drop after signing to my label NPE, just to give y’all a taste of the madness I’m bout to cause in the game.

Who are the artists that you look up to, past and present?

I used to look up to T.I, Boosie, Gates,Wayne, Gotti, Jeezy , Outkast , all because of the shit they were talking and how I was living motivated me to get it out the mud.

Where do you find your inspiration and motivation?

I think I find inspiration in the things I’ve been through in life; it gives me a lot to talk about and also everybody else’s issues. I speak for the people.

What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?

To be honest, without my dawg Rick Rogers I wouldn’t be who I am today. And imma give credit when do it was times when I would want to give up on the rap game but he wouldn’t let me, sat me down, and really taught me how to work with my sound and create different types of music. With all that being said, that made me the goat I am today.

Please tell us more about your childhood and how it impacted your life and art?

My childhood was ruff me and all my niggaz use to be on all bullshit, I can honestly say music kept me out of a lot of situations I could have been in right now. I’m just tryna show the hood another way to build this future for our kids.

Any upcoming projects for 2021?

I will not speak on my upcoming projects y’all will just have to sit back and watch…… imma keep you guessing.

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