Indie Rockers Foreign Air Release Synth-Tinged Single 'Loud Magic': Premiere

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Alternative duo Foreign Air are mastering the craft of blending catchy indie pop with an ominous twist. Their latest single is their most evident example of this skill: “Loud Magic,” premiering on Billboard today (May 11). The track is heavily electronica inspired while maintaining a raw, genuine quality.

“Loud Magic” opens with dazzling, oscillating synths that back vocalist Jesse Clasen's delicate falsetto. But the calm doesn't last long before the storm — the explosive, anthemic chorus, during which Clasen then pleads, “I'm screaming out loud/ I'm reaching for the clouds/ Will they listen to me now?” Despite the eerie essence, Foreign Air have delivered an infectious banger perfectly fit for an underground dance party.

“'There’s no science to my love' is one of my favorite lines in this song,” Clasen revealed in a statement. “Sometimes science can feel like an explaining away of the magic in life. Science is all about relationships and predictability of interaction. We don’t want to admit that we follow patterns, that love can be boiled down to chemistry or habitual decision building to conviction, or that perfection comes by way of rehearsal rather than inherent genius.”

Scorchingly dramatic and rousing with potent energy, “Loud Magic” arrives just in time to work its way into summer soundtracks, where it undeniably belongs. Hear it live when the duo supports Bishop Briggs on tour this summer.

Listen to Foreign Air's new single below.