In “La Mujer” Both Mon Lafert And Gloria Trevi Showcase Their Powerful Vocals

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If you’re a Latin-pop fan, you should hurry up to check the mesmerizing hit “La Mujer.”

The collaboration of both artists has resulted in a tender ballad in which they both display their artistic talents on full display. 

They also decided to join forces to add a pinch of empowerment, as a matter of fact, the Chilean artist stated that she has always wanted to collaborate with someone as talented and as confident as Gloria. “ I wanted to sing with another powerful woman and, well, the first one that came to mind was Gloria,” she shared. 

With “La Mujer” the two gifted artists explore the realism of Latin Pop music, creating a gem like “La Mujer.” 

Besides showcasing their vocals, the accompanying visuals of the project highlight the artist’s versatile production. 

Check out the video here.

Stream “La Mujer” below:

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