How Meek Mill Can Bounce Back From His Summer Slump


After losing the beef of the year to Drake, Meek Mill needs momentum to reenergize his career.

At the end of June, things were looking better for Meek Mill than they had in a while. Having just been released from prison six months prior, he was dating the hottest and most talented female rapper in the game, and saw the long-delayed Dreams Worth More Than Money receive rave reviews and the number one spot on the Billboard 100. He had overcome plenty of adversity and was finally becoming an internationally-recognized star, but as had been the case with several other rappers before him, his fall from grace was initiated with some overeager Twitter fingers

What unfolded over the rest of the summer is a saga we all know well by this point, with Drake delivering haymaker after haymaker while all that Meek could muster as a response was the ineffective “Wanna Know” and some half-assed social media griping. Within days, he became the punchline of jokes and the subject of cruel memes, all but negating everything he had accomplished in the six months prior. 

A lot of this backlash seemed unfair, given how much praise Meek got for DWMTM, but such is the short attention span nature of the internet. People seem ready to declare him totally washed, but the only solo track he’s released since the album is “Wanna Know,” and although it doesn’t hold a candle to “Back To Back,” it’s not that bad. It’s not like we can say that the quality of his music has fallen off at this point though. 

With Dreamchasers 4 on the horizon, here are five things Meek can do to get the public back on his side. 

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