Hot Topic: Wendy Williams Jokes About Ex Kevin Hunter’s Love Child


and the drama between her and estranged husband has played out in the public much like some of the scandals she’s covered over the years. However, the veteran host didn’t shy away from speaking about Hunter and his love child, even making a joke during a recent sit-down with The View.

Williams, 55, appeared on Thursday’s episode of The View and was asked by Sonny Hostin about her impending divorce. With her typical flair, Williams, who is entering the 11th season of The Wendy Williams Show, didn’t shy away from speaking to the matter and even cracked on Hunter’s new predicament as only she can.

“Infidelity is one thing,” Williams said. “A full baby is a whole ‘nother topic.”

She continued with, “A baby. I’m not changing Pampers. I want to be pampered. Get out of here.”

Hunter caught some more darts, with Williams admitting she knew about her husband’s cheating ways but decided to stay for the sake of their son, Kevin Jr. And after all that, Williams still showed love for her ex, even calling him “family.”

“Kevin is not a bad man. You just can’t throw away 25 years,” she said, keeping true to her promise of not talking badly about her son’s father.

Check out the segment below.

Photo: Getty