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‘Honesty, intention, and fearlessness’: Jordun Love on pushing boundaries

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The model, dancer, and Zegna muse talks Missy Elliot, New York Fashion Week, and being unapologetically himself

When you think of someone who breaks the mould, who’s on your list? For Jordun Love, the category is iconic. “When I think of mould breakers I think of Josephine Baker, Toni Morrison, Paulo Coelho, David LaChapelle, Beyoncé, and Tina Turner,” says the model, dancer, producer, and creative director, who also has eyes on the DJ world too. “They’ve shaped the world with their gifts.”

A Philadelphia-born former New Yorker who swapped out the east coast in favour of California sun two years ago, Love joins G-K Day-Lewis and Demitre Sullivan as one of the faces of XXX, the new boundary-pushing fragrance range from menswear heavyweight Zegna. “Scent is a big part of my life,” he continues. “Your scent is the part of your identity that people can recognise with their eyes closed. Being a part of the XXX campaign has showed me how you can command a room with your scent.”

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Known for his powerful mane – peep the music video for Kehlani’s ‘Distraction’ to see exactly what we mean – Love describes having a deep affinity for the XXX perspective, which places authenticity front and centre. “Honesty, intention, and fearlessness, those are qualities I make sure I always live by when it comes to my expression of self,” he explains. “I have learned that I am the only person living my life, and there’s power in that.”

Below, find out more about what breaking the mould means to Love. 

How would you describe your true, unrestricted self?

Jordun Luv: My true unrestricted self is joyous, optimistic, loving, and just full of energy. I don’t choose to live by the false rules that we’re told to live by.  

Is there a single piece of culture that’s helped determine how you live today?

Jordun Luv: There have been so many. My top defining moment would be when I heard “Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts” by Funkadelic in 2016. The lyrics are among the most powerful I’ve ever heard. 

When did you last feel truly inspired or in awe of a person, object or event?

Jordun Luv: Visiting New York City during Fashion Week. New York has an energy that makes me want to continue to push harder each day. Seeing all the individuality in the city fueled me to want to get back to LA and create even more. 

“I don’t choose to live by the false rules that we’re told to live by” – Jordan Luv

What first led you to dance?

Jordun Luv: Growing up, Missy Elliott was a huge inspiration. Watching the kids dance in her music videos made me want to learn in hope that one day I’d be one of them. From there, my mom enrolled me into classes with my two left feet. Dance became my first love. From the age of 9 to 17 I spent my days dancing every day. 

And what keeps you dancing?

Jordun Luv: Dance has become a part of me that I won’t ever give up. There is something about dancing that is freeing and allows you to show expression.

 What does breaking the mould mean to you?

Jordun Luv: Breaking the mould means being your unapologetic, most authentic self. When you are, you create a world around you that challenges others to think differently. Everyone is an individual and should amplify their views and voices on the things that matter most to them. 

What’s a scent that makes you nostalgic?

Jordun Luv: A nostalgic scent would be my grandmother’s home. She always uses lavender to prepare for bed and peppermint to stay cool. These are smells that remind me of when I was young and running around the house.