Hill House Home Designed ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired Nap Dresses, Finally

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When Bridgerton first hit Netflix last winter, the ultra-feminine gowns worn by 19th century London’s elite instantly reminded viewers of a more modern garment: the Hill House Home nap dress. Those viewers included Nell Diamond, Hill House Home CEO and the “biggest Bridgerton fan ever,” she tells BAZAAR.com.

Now, Diamond’s fellow Bridgerton fans can get an extra dose of the show’s regency style before the new season arrives—courtesy of Hill House Home’s first collaboration.

Hill House Home

The Ellie Nap Dress
Hill House Home


Hill House Home is partnering with Phenomenal, a media brand and creative agency centering underrepresented communities, and Netflix for a Bridgerton-inspired capsule collection. The line, which spans three nap dresses and two bejweled hair pins, interprets Hill House Home’s greatest hits through a #regencycore lens. One Nesli dress includes a bespoke “Whistledown” version of Hill House Home’s trellis print, while two Ellie dresses feature a swirling, Chinoiserie-inspired design by Diane Hill, a Black London-based artist. This is the second collaboration between the Shondaland-produced series and Phenomenal: Earlier this year, Phenomenal released a line of Bridgerton hoodies.

“Being able to bring the Bridgerton magic with Diane Hill’s artistry onto our tried and true styles, that’s a dream for me,” Diamond tells us. She’s also excited to partner with Phenomenal, as the two companies share a mission of uplifting women.

“When I saw Bridgerton, I think the reason I was so excited about it was that the aesthetic is so us,” Diamond continues. The vibes between Hill House Home and the show were so aligned, the designer says, people would tag her brand’s account wearing their “Bridgerton look”—aka nap dresses in a recently released trellis print—while watching the show. With that sort of association, “it really felt like kismet when Meena [Harris, CEO and founder of Phenomenal] reached out and was like…let’s actually work with Netflix,” Diamond says.

Hill House Home

The Nesli Nap Dress
Hill House Home


In this collection, the Bridgerton aesthetic is less about constraining corsets and more about feminine florals and color schemes. Diane Hill’s hand painted patterns on the two Ellie dresses used purples and pinks pulled directly from Bridgerton’s color palette. (Eagle-eyed shoppers will also find a hidden reference to Phenomenal in the print.) Meanwhile, the Nesli dress’s trellis print includes a small bee—a motif that appears throughout the show—and flowers plucked from Bridgerton’s scenery.

Both Bridgerton and the nap dress have devoted followers—meaning the special collection will likely sell out fast. (Inventory is extremely limited, Diamond tells us.)

If you miss out on the official capsule, Diamond says Hill House Home’s core Ellie, Caroline, and Nesli nap dresses are still Bridgerton-esque. Those are the pieces shoppers initially connected to the show’s opulent style, after all.

No matter the specific style, “I like to think that the Bridgerton characters would like nap dresses,” Diamond says. That’s the sign of a match made in pop culture collaboration heaven.

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