HHW Gaming: NFL Superstars & Fans React To ‘Madden NFL 21’ Player Ratings

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Athletes care about their overall ratings in video games, and it has become a big deal, case in point, the reactions following the announcement of NFL player’s overall ratings in .

On Monday (Jul.13), EA kicked off Madden NFL 21 rating mania by announcing that Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chief winning quarterback was a member of the illustrious 99 Rating Club in the game. Mahomes was blessed with a package consisting of a trophy designed by Brian B. Madden and custom bling designed and provided by Jason of Beverly Hills plus some dope art created by local artists.

HHW Gaming: NFL Superstars & Fans React To ‘Madden NFL 21’ Player Ratings

Source: EA / Madden NFL 21

Mahomes was greeted by his favorite target, Pro Bowl tight end Travis Kelce with his 99 Rating Club package and shared the experience on Instagram.

Mahomes was the first name announced, but he wasn’t alone. Tuesday (Jul.14), Carolina Panthers’ running back Christian McCaffrey also earned the prestigious honor having a 99 rating in a Madden game and received a similar package.

That’s all good for both NFL superstars who should be very pleased with their accurate ratings. The same can’t be said for others who were scratching their heads following their rating reveals. For example, NFL legend Barry Sanders had some thoughts when it came to New York Giants phenom running back, Saquan Barkley’s “ball carrier vision” rating.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray wasn’t thrilled about his rating and was perplexed at Aaron Rodgers’ overall rating as well.

Madden NFL 21 cover athlete wasn’t too pleased to learn his overall rating is a 94 in the game. During an ESPN segment with Sage Steele, Jackson let it be known he should have been rated higher.

Looks like the Madden rating adjuster is going to be very busy. You can peep more reactions to the player’s overall ratings in the gallery below.

Photo: EA / Madden NFL 21